Saturday 7th September 2019

Workshop 1 (Intermediate)        10.45  - 12.15    Omar & Veronica

Dancing with interpretation and without it. We will show the importance of "interpretation" in Tango

Workshop 2 (Int/Advanced)            12.30 - 2.00      Omar & Veronica

How to understand the Tango Salon, Milonguero and Fantasia, trying the three styles.

Workshop 3 (Open)    SOLD OUT                   2.15 - 3.45       Michael & Paula   

Breathing, Sensitivity & Flow. Enter the ‘DANCE ZEN ZONE’

Workshop 4 (Int/Advanced)  SOLD OUT                   4.00 - 5.30       Michael & Paula

Gancho and Enganche (wrap). Circular nature of the movement, using enganche in giros.  

Special Beginners Tango Taster with Michael Nadtochi & Paula Duarte

Sunday 8th September  11.30 - 12.30

Elma Whytes Performing Arts Dance Studio , 3 Incle Street. Paisley PA1 1HJ

BOOKING ESSENTIAL  Please email direct to book your place.

Sunday 8th September 2019

Workshop 5   (Open)      SOLD OUT             12.45 - 2.15      Michael Nadtochi   Leaders Technique (no partner required)

​Specific footwork and overall  coordination in giros. Lapis, parada, and the timing of man's pivots

PLEASE NOTE- Venue for Leaders Workshop is Elma Whytes Performing Arts Dance Studio, 3 Incle St, Paisley PA1 1HJ

Workshop 6  (Open)      SOLD OUT              1.00 - 2.30      Veronica Palacio    Followers Technique (no partner required)

Female Technique, rediscovering the woman who dances Tango, useful secrets of body awareness to dance better, recognizing the female territory in the dance within the couple, how to use our body in its totality and in harmony with the movements

Workshop 7   (Int/Advanced)  SOLD OUT     2.45 - 4.15      Michael & Paula           

Pendulum and continuous movement in Tango- Vals

Workshop 8   (Int)     SOLD OUT     4.30 - 6.00       Omar & Veronica        Milonga

​​Useful Milongueras sequences adaptable to the dance space of the milonga

Leaders workshop 5 will be in Shuffles Dance Studio, 3 Incle St, Paisley, PA1 1HJ

Workshops 1,2,3,4,6,7,8 will be held in Wallneuk North Church, Abercorn Street, Paisley. PA3 4AB


Workshop Information - Please read BEFORE you register.

​There will be a limited number of participants per class.  That number will be limited to an equal number of leaders and followers. Both couples and singles will be accepted, however singles will be put on waiting lists and admitted in to classes only when we can confirm an equal number of partners.  The only exception to this will be in Workshop 5 & 6 as they are designed for individual attendees.

Please note, that as much as we will try to match people appropriately, we can not be responsible for the level of proficiency of every participant of every class.  The only way to be certain about the level of your "workshop partner" with is to register with someone whom you already know.   

We always encourage partner changes in class, however we will not oblige those who register with their  partner to change, should they not wish to do so. 

​Workshop Levels

Open : These classes are great for dancers of all levels from intermediate to advanced. Lower levels students and very advanced dancers are advised to come with a partner of their own level, this will really help-everyone get the very best out of each class.

Intermediate: This corresponds to have completed at least a basic beginners course of 8 weeks+  with some practice time since.  Intermediates should be familiar with the basic posture, walking, side steps, ochos,  and a few other basic elements. 

Intermediate/Advanced:  This corresponds to have at least 1 year's experience including regular weekly tango classes and practices and milongas. You have also attended milonga and or waltz classes as well  as experiencing different teachers.

Advanced : An advanced dancer's experience can vary greatly from one person to the next. Content in the advanced classes is intended for dancers with multiple years of class and workshop experience, who practice and go out dancing often, who are comfortable in both close and open embrace and has a good understanding of the technique associated with them.  We prefer that participants of advanced classes register with their partner for these classes as working with a dependable partner will greatly enhance the experience.