Feedback for organised events.

Jude Hunter August 17
Thanks for putting this milonga on, was absolutely lovely...x

Carmela Esposito Faraone August 17
A big thank you to Drew Moir and Taryn Moir for organising such a successful festival and for having me, it was awsome! Thank you also to Steven Allan for the photos taken, you are so talented! And, of course, thank you to all the ladies who chose Italia Milonguera outfits for their tango, you looked gorgeous. I hope to see you all again very soon. 😊

Andy Stronach. August 17
Very well done Drew and Taryn, an excellent festival, in a fantastic venue with lovely dancers and loads of great dancing - perfect! :-)

Victoria Hung Aug 17
Fantastic event organized with much dedication and love. We have spent a lovely weekend in Paisley with our family and tango. Wonderful teachers and nice persons. Many thanks Drew and his wife for everything. And all the milongueros.... Drew are you tired today already ?

Jeff Allan August 17
A very enjoyable weekend of Tango thank's Drew & Taryn :)

Ron Montgomery Aug 17
Many thanks Drew and Taryn fantastic Festival - congratulations!!! You must be so so pleased with the fruits of all that hard work!!

Sarah Stewart August 17
A massive thank you to Drew & Taryn for organising an amazing weekend of tango. It's been wonderful! Great teachers, great venue, lovely and welcoming atmosphere, wonderful dancers. Thank you to all! Xx

Iain English August 17
Congratulations to both Drew Moir and Taryn Moir for their achievement in organising such a brilliant event. Well done.

Sarah McSorley August 17
Wonderful weekend, Thanks for all my lovely dances . X

Marleen Adam August 17
thank you to organisers of the Saturday Malonga - I am not a dancer but I loved watching the dancers . The exhibition dancers were a joy to watch and the band was excellent, The choice of venue was superb. All in all a fabulous night

Feedback from our lessons

Gillian Watson Wilson reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
What an amazing pair of teachers! Drew and Taryn are so committed to their pupils and want each of us to do our best. Their friendly approach is fantastic and so encouraging. You can see their love of the dance and that they want to pass that on to their classes. I just loved going to lessons and to the social events and look forward to lots more. Xxx

El Buick reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
Great class. Thank you to Taryn, Drew and fellow tango dancers for patience and fun.

Grahame Knox reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
Just finished my 8 weeks beginners course. Looking forward to the follow on course when Drew and Taryn come back from Argentina. Lovely relaxed style of teaching making it a joy to learn.

David Fenner reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
A justified 5 star rating I’d say πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

William Monaghan reviewed Paisley Tango –5 stars
March 2018
Fantastic dance teacher's Recommend them; Drew & Taryn.

Maureen New reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
Fantastic classes with two fantastic teachers who put you very much at ease with their warm and friendly manner.

Johanna Flanagan reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
Fabulous Tango Festival and fabulous practicas. Drew and Taryn have built a fantastic tango scene in Paisley in less than a year, and their events are always welcoming, friendly and totally unpretentious.

Yvonne Mcmahon reviewed Paisley Tango – 5 stars
March 2018
As my friends will know the Argentine Tango has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. So when Paisley Tango came along. I jumped at the chance to take lessons. I can’t thank Drew and Taryn enough for the lessons and continuous Learning. I will be going to my 3rd set of lessons in May/June.