How long does a class/course last?

One hour, once a week for 8 or 10 weeks (although we often run slightly over time at no extra cost).

We also include in the cost a 1 hour practice session each week that is "guided" by teachers.

What if I miss a class?

No problem. If you or your partner can’t attend you can always both attend our other beginners’ class on a different day that week. If you do not attend with a partner, please let us know you need to change your lesson to the other day, so that we can try to balance the classes with “leaders” (traditionally men) and “followers” (traditionally ladies).

What if I miss the first class?

Again, this is not a problem as we always recap what we did at the first class in week 2 of the course.

What about payment?

 To secure your place on the course we request a £10 non-refundable deposit.

We require full payment either before the class via bank transfer or cash in the first week. We do not provide the facility to pay weekly as it would mean each week our teaching slot would be taken up with collection of monies and less time for teaching. Once the block has started all money paid is non-refundable. Those who cannot commit themselves to the total duration of the series, should mention this upon registering.

Is a Partner required?

No, however it is preferable. There are plenty of single dancers and Tango is great for socialising! However, as Argentine Tango is a dance with a “leader” and “follower” we need to make sure that classes are balanced across the roles. Therefore we may at times have to have a waiting list for “leaders” or “followers” even although the class is not yet full. To avoid waiting for us to find you a suitable partner, we recommend that you ask around in your circle of friends, family or colleagues in order to find out if any of them would like to follow classes of Argentine Tango.

Why is having balanced numbers of beginner “leaders” and “followers” so important to Paisley Tango?

Our aim is to make Paisley Tango a thriving tango community where everyone has plenty of opportunities to dance. This requires equal numbers of “leaders” and “followers” within the community. Therefore we do not invite experienced dancers to balance “leaders” or “followers” roles within beginner’s lessons as this would result in unequal numbers of “leaders” and “followers” at social events.

We have learnt from experience that Tango communities that do not take such care to balance the number of beginner “leaders” and “followers” results in social events where attendees can get frustrated because, for example; there are too many “followers” and not enough “leaders.” This dynamic results in limited dancing opportunities for “followers” and perceived pressure on “leaders” to dance more than they usually would.

We have learnt from experience that Tango communities that do take such care to balance the number of beginner “leaders” and “followers” results in more vibrant social events where everybody is more likely to dance as much as they want.

Furthermore, within lessons balanced classes results in everyone gets equal opportunities to learn instead of having some people having to wait for a partner during important practice time.

Therefore, within Paisley Tango our intake of students are always organised to have equal numbers of “leaders” and “followers” as this ensures the optimal dancing experience.

What kind of clothing?

Normal clothes, comfy shoes without grip or rubber soles. Ladies may prefer to wear heels.

Will I be able to dance after 10 weeks?

Yes! Your learning journey can continue, however, you will be able to dance socially and we will encourage you to take part in our regular social events that we host in Paisley as well as Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh.

Minimum/maximum age:

You are as old as you feel! We have known tango dancers as young as 14 and as old as 97. Age is not a barrier!

Would a class ever be cancelled?

At Paisley Tango we take every opportunity to dance and we recognise how much everyone else wants to dance. Therefore it is extremely unlikely that a lesson or event will be cancelled.

Refunds / Cancellation

Please note that as we have to book studio/venue space as well as teachers time, licenses and insurance for the course duration we can not offer a refund after purchase unless its up to 48hours before the first lesson. In this instance a full refund will be issued.